Where to start?

Recoveries National have made debt collection as easy as 123. All we need is the legal authority to act as your agent and the details of the debtor, and we can get started.

Simply call Recoveries National to Receive your 123 package on 1800 649 421 - Australia wide!

This package includes: The Authority to Act, Our Urgent Instructions Sheet, Our Schedule of Charges, and Online Services information.

As Easy As 123

Complete the Authority to Act

The Authority to Act document gives us authority to act as your commercial agent. Special Commissions are set out on a straightforward "you only pay for what you receive" model.

Fill in the Urgent Instruction sheet

Tell us everything we need to know about the debt. Make sure to include;

  • Invoices relating to the debt
  • Dishonoured cheques
  • Details of personal or directors guarantees
  • Anything special or unusual about the debt

Send them to Recoveries National

Return the signed documents to us and we will begin immediately. You can;

Fax the documents to our office on 02 9280 1955
Post the documents to PO Box 836 Broadway NSW 2007

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